Jina Princess Léyla Makongoro Bezuidenhout

Léyla Bezuidenhout (The music artist, Léyla)

Léyla Bezuidenhout (The music artist, Léyla) was born in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. Thanks
to culture, diversity, and background, Léyla is a well rounded person that is able to adapt to
a variety of environments. Léyla has dabbled in many aspects of the music world including
performing, writing, producing.and more.
Léyla is fortunate to have all the requirements needed to be a sucessful and wide reaching,
international artist. Léyla has a captivating statuette physique that compliments her
image. A voice that can compete with the hall of famers combined and an overall
vivacious personality that can generate a large fan base.

Many experiences, extreme and mundane make up the person that Léyla is. However, the
most overwhelming is her ever-present Love for music.
Ever since early childhood, Léyla has always had a connection with Music and has always
known it was all she wanted to pursue. To her, music consists of more than just a simplistic
tune but it is a craft that is to be respected, learned and improved over her lifetime. To
Léyla, music is a passion, addiction and is the purpose she happily allows to consume her
Through life’s trials and tribulations, Léyla has learned to channel and project her
emotions in her lyrical works. Léyla writes lyrics as therapy, an escape, ventilation and
Music has always been her calling! It’s more than just a passion or even an obsession; it’s
as if music infiltrated her system and somehow became a strand tightly coiled to her DNA.
Léyla Bezuidenhout is the next, if not the biggest “star” to come into the scene (God
Willing). With so much ambition and spunk, she is sure to touch many hearts and inspire souls